We offer the same services as any other pharmacy. We strive for a positive experience because research shows that it can be more customer oriented. An important pillar in this is the treatment of our customers: we want to offer optimal service within the legal frameworks that we are bound to.

In addition, we want to communicate better with our customers and use more and more contemporary means of communication over the course of time. We are working on an app that is in direct contact with our system to make ordering or requesting medication easier. We also want to experiment with a secure messenger service. The purpose of this is to offer advice, guidance and questions separately from the time of picking up the medication. When you have relatively simple questions it may be easier for you and us to communicate digitally, thereby creating more time and attention for people with more complex questions that can of course still be discussed face-to-face in the pharmacy. This benefits the quality of care.

We are aware of the international setting in which we find ourselves. Employees from abroad and expats can contact us. We would also like to be of service to these people and to meet a high level of service. We ensure that invoices comply with the standard of the countries concerned and provide information about health insurance and reimbursement of healthcare costs. In addition, information leaflets and labels are available in various languages.

Companies can, upon request, make an appointment with us about providing care to their employees and supplementary services. We offer a tailor-made solution. You can think of a pick up point of recipes at your reception, a pick up point in your company building or a monthly walk-in consultation at the office.

To help costumers that use multiple types of medication take their medication on time and in the right amounts, the medication roller is a practical solution. The medication roller consists of bags in which medication is packed per day. On each bag you can see which medicines it holds, what they look like and what time you have to take them. If you want more information about this service, please contact us.