Medical specialists

Cosmetic dermatologist dr. Elian Brenninkmeijer

As a dermatologist, dr. Elian Brenninkmeijer has years of experience with sick and healthy skin. In addition to her knowledge of the skin and skin problems, she is a specialist and expert in the field of Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers and skin improvement. As an international trainer and expert at Allergan for the Botox and fillers, she uses the medical codes developed by Mauricio di Maio, which is now being taught worldwide. This revolutionary technique gives a new perspective on cosmetic treatments and takes the structures of the skin and the anatomy of the face into account. Elian Brenninkmeijer looks at the customer’s needs through this holistic approach. What are the patient’s wishes and feelings? Every skin and face is unique. Providing the right information, guidance and treatment she works to achieve an optimal and natural result for the customer. Visit the personal website of Elian Brenninkmeijer for more information and making appointments.


Information about the orthopedic practice follows soon.


For some gynecological complaints it is better when you can be seen  by the GP and gynecologist together. This is an extra service offered by GP Zuidas in collaboration with the gynecology department of the Jan van Goyen Medical Center. Gynecologist Carla van der Weijden will offer weekly consultation hours for the woman with gynecological complaints, disorders or questions at our location on the Zuidas. Read more aboutCarla van der Weijden at the Medical Center Jan van Goyen. Should further examination be required, you can be seen by the same gynecologist at the Jan van Goyen location. To make an appointment you need a referral from your doctor. If you do not have a referral and want to make an appointment with the gynecologist, you will have to pay for the consultation yourself.