We want our pharmaceutical services to meet your needs. Important pillars of our service are service, speed and personal attention.


We pay a lot of attention to providing good service. For example by proactively offering delivery of medication at home or at work, and in anonymous packaging. We also offer the possibility to pick up your medication from the multifunctional lockers in the central hall of the Summertime building. This gives you the opportunity to receive your medication without the frustration of long waiting times.


Our ambition is to increasingly use apps and digital innovations to support our pharmaceutical services. This gives you the opportunity to communicate efficiently and be well informed without it taking more time than necessary. It also helps us to better manage the client flow. Because questions have already been answered, patients who need no further attention can be helped quickly at the counter, or collect their medication from the medication lockers.

Personal attention

By separating logistical tasks and services from substantive guidance, we have more time to give you personal attention. This helps us to get to know you better as a person and to better align our care with your specific needs. This can be a quick settlement of requested repeat medication or an extensive conversation with the pharmacist in our privacy room.